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How to save money booking a holiday

Winter is a particularly dangerous time to travel, especially when adverse weather conditions can affect your trip. Aside from personal injuries, winter car accidents also come with expensive costs.

Snow, cold, rain, fog, ice, darkness… there are many adverse weather conditions related to winter. However, life doesn’t stop and everybody needs to keep travelling, even in the coldest season. Below are some of the top tips to travel safely this winter and save some money at the same time.

Ho! Ho!

First rule when travelling in winter is to check out what the latest forecast and warnings are and make sure you follow all the safety advice given by the professional bodies.

Before winter arrives, take your vehicle to the garage for a full check up. Preparing your car for winter is essential to avoiding nasty surprises on the road.

Do you know how to drive in hard winter conditions? Attending a course or getting online information on how to drive on snowy or icy roads can prevent you from having accidents.

As well as winter driving, learn what to do in case you have minor incidents on the road such as how to put snow chains in your car. This is a ‘must-do’ in winter which can save you from numerous headaches.

Having an emergency kit ready to use in your car is also highly recommended. Small LED flashlights, a torch, emergency flares, hazard triangles, an emergency blanket, non-perishable snacks or even some sort of children’s entertainment will be a great help in case of having a road incident.

What is the best transportation? If you are travelling long distance in winter, some transportation systems are better than other ones. For instance, in case of snow conditions, trains are generally more reliable than planes, which might cancel their services in case of severe weather.